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    Zendo SELECT NANOFILL REFILL CAPS OA2 20 capsules of 0.3G each

    Select NanoFill is made of low shrink low abrasion light cure nano filled composite with improved handling features.

    It is a visible light cure nano filled composite for anterior and posterior restorations. Beside its low shrink and low abrasion, it shows improved handling features and excellent mechanical properties. It is based on urethanedimethacrylate resin and inorganic filler particles <1.0 μm. The total filler content is 82 % (wt) and 74% (vol).

    Available Shades:

    • A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, B1, B2, C2, OA2, BL
    • Available in caps and syringes

    Key Features:

    • Low Shrinkage - 1.8%
    • Elasticity Modulus - 10.1 GPa
    • Compressive Strength - 350 MPa
    • Radiopacity - 280 mmAL
    • Flexural Strength - 155 MPa

    User benefits:

    • BPA and BPA derivative Free!
    • Light cured TRUE nano-hybrid
    • Amazing chameleon properties
    • Suitable for all classes of restorations
    • Stays where placed - non sticky, wax like consistency
    • Excellent polishability
    • Highly filled, 82% by weight. Up to 50% less resin than other hybrid composites
    • Low shrinkage at 1.8%

    Package contains:

    • 20 capsules of 0.3G each
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    Zendo SELECT CBU DENTINE 1x 25ML CARTRIDGE 1:1, 10 mixing tips+ 10 mixing canula

    Zendo Select CBU is a dual cure, high radiopaque flowable hybrid composite with nano particles (nano-zirconium dioxide, nano-calcuimflouride) for core build up and cementation of posts.

    Its excellent mechanical properties, final crown down preparation can be carried out more precisely. The high amounts of nano-zirconium dioxide results in a very high radiopacity.

    Delivered in a 1:1 syringe, Select CBU can be easily dispensed and applied directly and has a short setting time which doesn't require heat generation. Dual cure properties allow for cementation and core build ups where light curing can't be guaranteed.


    • Contains nano-calcium fluoride and nano-zirconium dioxide
    • One material, two applications: core build up and post cementing
    • Optimal hardness
    • Excellent flow properties and consistency
    • High mechanical properties
    • Optimal adaptation to tooth structure
    • Optimal hardness - cuts like dentin
    • Easy and direct application/reliable mixing

    Handling instructions:

    • Delivered in 1:1 AUTOMIX-cartridges Select CBU can be easily dispensed and applied directly. Select CBU exhibits a short setting time without high heat generation. The dual cure properties enable the dentist, also to carry out cementations and core build-ups in cases where a light cure cannot be guaranteed to be enough.

    Available in 2 formulations:

    • Zendo SELECT CBU WHITE 1x 25ML CARTRIDGE 1:1, 10 mixing tips+ 10 mixing canula
    • Zendo SELECT CBU DENTINE 1x 25ML CARTRIDGE 1:1, 10 mixing tips+ 10 mixing canula

    Package contains:

    • Single 25ML CARTRIDGE 1:1
    • 10 mixing tips
    • 10 mixing canula