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    Manufacturer: Zendo

    Zendo SELECT SIL, MEDIUM BODY, PNK FAST SET 2 cartridges of 50 ml, 6 mixing tips + 6 mixing canula

    Select Sil Medium Body Super Hydrophilic is very versatile. It can be used as a hydrophilic syringable material for the (one step) two phase impression technique in conjunction with Select Sil A-Putty Soft XS Maximix 5:1 or with Select Sil Heavy Body Super Hydrophilic.

    It can also be used as a correction material in the (two step) putty/wash technique with Select Sil Firm Putty.

    It can be used as a syringable One Phase Impression Material for crowns, bridges, inlays, partial and complete dentures and denture repairs. It also serves as an impression material for relining, functional impressions, impressions for prosthetic restorations and for impressions using the copper band technique..

    It comes in a convenient cartridge system with 2 cartridges of 50 mL each and 6 mixing tips + 6 mixing canula.

    Handling instructions:

    • Mount the cartridge into the application gun. Remove and dispose the closure-cap. Install the mixing cannula onto the cartridge and extrude needed material. For direct extruding onto teeth use the intra oral tips. The fast set takes 2 minutes to set.


    • Made in Germany
    • Snap Set - shorter intra oral setting time with longer working time
    • Superior hydrophilicity and reproduction of details
    • Long working time and short setting time
    • Very low shrinkage
    • Incredible flow characteristics
    • Unsurpassed dimensional stability for improved accuracy and tear strength
    • Outstanding elastic recovery - keeps its shape after removal from patients’ mouth
    • Won't distort or expand in disinfecting solutions

    Package contains:

    • Zendo SELECT SIL, MEDIUM BODY, PINK FAST SET 2 cartridges of 50 ml, 6 mixing tips + 6 mixing canula
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