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    Zendo SELECT SUPRATEMP 10:1, A2, 1x 50 ml cartridge + 10 mixing tips

    Select SupraTemp 10:1 is an automatically mixed two component material in cartridges based on multifunctional methacrylic esters. It is a very easy and comfortable material for creating short- and long-term temporary crowns or bridges, inlays, onlays and veneers. Because of its flexibility, the material is especially suitable for longer bridge spans. It shows fluorescence in UV-light. It is free of methyl methacrylate.

    Select SupraTemp is the ideal temporary crown and bridge material. It's perfectly suited for everything from single unit crowns to long span bridges due to its high strength AND flexibility. It polishes to a high, natural looking gloss and resists staining longer than other provisional materials.

    Available Shades:

    • A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, B3, C2 and bleach.

    Handling instructions:

    • Select Supratemp 10:1 is automatically mixed when dispensed with slight and even pressure directly into the situation impression made before. Filling should occur from bottom upward to prevent voids.


    • Polishes to a ceramic like finish
    • Low exothermic reaction
    • Naturally fluorescent
    • Fast procedure time
    • Methyl methacrylate free

    Package contains:

    • Zendo SELECT SUPRATEMP 10:1, A2, 50 ML Cartridge +10 tips
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    Zendo Select Rigid BR Snap Set HD with Controlled Flow, 2x50ml cartridges + 6 mixing cannulas

    Select Rigid BR is an extremely hard and fast setting bite registration material. With the Automix-cartridge Select Rigid BR can be syringed directly onto the teeth. The bite registration material is based on addition curing vinyl silicones. Select Rigid BR can be used for centric occlusions. It can also be applied as key material e.g. for taking intraoral registrations with posts. Finally, it can be used for the bite fork technique. Select Rigid BR is very suitable for cutting and contouring because of its extremely high final hardness.

    It comes in a convenient cartridge system with 2 cartridges of 50 ml each and 6 mixing canula.

    Handling instructions:

    • The automatically mixed material is applied directly onto the occlusal areas. The bite should be closed within 20 seconds after the beginning of the extruding (working or application time at 23°C or 74 °C). The recommended time in mouth is about 45 seconds.


    • Controlled Flow™ Technology
    • Hard, fast setting bite registration material
    • Snap Set - shorter intra oral setting time with longer working time
    • Ideal for occlusion and other matrices for all impression taking procedures requiring a rigid, fast setting
    • 45 second snap set with no distortion and greater accuracy
    • Exceptional elasticity and minimal distortion

    Package contains:

    • Zendo SELECT RIGID BR 2 cartridges 1:1 of 50 ml each + 6 mixing canula


    Zendo SELECT TCBCEM an universal, 5 ml syringe + 8 mixing canulas


    Eugenol free temporary cement


    Select TCBcem is an automix non-eugenol temporary crown and bridge cement suitable for cementing temporary crowns or bridges as well as for trial cementing of permanent restorations. It shows excellent adhesion to temporary crown and bridge materials, but it can easily be removed from prepared tooth stumps. Select TCBcem is delivered in MINIMIX syringes so it is very easy and comfortable to use.

    Select TCBcem Traceless TM Temporary Cement is a eugenol free, temporary cement that stays entirely in the crown, not the tooth when the temporary is removed. It can be used with any bis-acryl provisional material.

    It comes in a packaging of 5 mL syringe and 8 mixing tips.

    Handling instructions:

    • Remove the cap of the MINIMIX-syringe and throw it away (do not use it again!). It is replaced by a special 1:1 mixing cannula. Turn the cannula 90° until it locks in position. The material is now ready for application.


    • Cement stays entirely in crown, not on the tooth when temporary is removed
    • Minimizes post op sensitivity
    • Eugenol free temporary cement - won't adversely affect settling of resin filling and luting materials
    • Easy to use mini syringes ensure perfect mixes every time
    • Excess material cleans up very easily. Simply flick off any excess with no fear of dislodging the temporary
    • Works best on a moist prep
    • Working time of 1:30 minutes
    • Setting time in the mouth between 2 and 3 minutes

    Package contains:

    • Zendo SELECT TCBCEM an universal 5 ml syringe + 8 mixing canula