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    Zendo MTA Capsule Gun Dispenser 1 unit/box

    This is a Standard MTA capsule dispenser gun.


    • Autoclavable
    • Stainless steel
    • Easy to use design
    • Compatible with most unidose composite capsule tips

    Package contains:

    • 1 unit of Zendo MTA Capsule Dispenser Gun

    Zendo MTA UNIVERSAL (50/100/250) 2X DIRECT CAP

    Zendo MTA is an endodontic repair cement delivered in easy to use capsules.

    The MTA powder consists of very fine hydrophilic particles of several mineral oxides. After contact with MTA liquid it forms a gel that hardens to an impermeable barrier.

    Zendo MTA is delivered in convenient capsules. The capsules are easily activated and the content of the capsule is easily extruded using the Zendo Capsule Dispenser.

    Package contains

    2 direct capsule of 0.3g each in a single pack

    Working and Setting Times:

    Working time 02:00
    Material ready for next clinical step 05:00
    Setting time 17:00
    Radiopacity 450