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Dear Colleague,


My name is Dr. Barry Korzen and I founded so that my fellow practitioners could substantially reduce their operating costs, while continuing to use the highest-quality products available.

We all know that practitioners have been overpaying for quality dental supplies for years. Since retiring from both practice and teaching, I have leveraged all my contacts and years of experience to produce the finest product portfolio that will save practitioners thousands of dollars every year – savings that go straight to their pockets.

With prices up to 90% below market leaders, Zendo works with many of the same top manufacturing sources as expensive name brands, selecting only well-known, proven products, sold the world over, and offering them to you at a fraction of the cost online.

How? Zendo eliminates the costly marketing budgets, sales forces and commissions that practitioners pay for when using brand-name products instead, passing these savings directly to you, and those savings go straight to your bottom line. 

Any questions? Just send me a personal email at or give me a call at 647-247-0869. I look forward to working with you to improve your bottom line.


Best regards,
Dr. Barry H. Korzen