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Zendo Traceless™ TCB Cement

 July, 2019

DDS, Ontario Canada

Select Putty, Select Supratemp™, Select Traceless™ Temporary Cement, Select SE Bond, SelectSil Snap Set™ Light Body Impression Material

 June, 2019

DDS, Ontario Canada


Zone 3.0 Curve Rotary Endo File 


''Extremely easy to use, fast, and excellent quality. I won't use anyhting else now''.

 January 2019

DDS, Ontario Canada


SelectSil Impression Material


''Have used a range of this product (multipurpose, light + medium body super hydrophilic). Great, accurate impressions every time. Have not had a retake to date''.

 November 2018



Select Nano Fill Premium LC Capsules 

'I was amazed with how well these resins blend with natural teeth. The non-sticky consistency was great for packing posterior fillings as well as sculpting aesthetic restorations'.


Dr. Saajan S. Saggu/March 2018


Select Nano Flow Premium Capsules 

'Handles very well. Extremely easy to dispense. Pricing very good. Capsules better deal compared to other products (Grandio Flow).

February 2018


Review: Zendo Pathfinder Solo

'Dependable - low incidence of fracturing - great for establishing patency.'

October 2017



Review: Zendo Pathfinder Files

'Great for getting working length to avoid getting blocked. Works great for navigating curved canals.'

October 2017



Review: Select Sil Heavy + Light Body Snap Set HD Fast Set

'Products at Zendo are great value and price for the quality. Easy to deal with the representative'.

Dr. Wai Man Lam/ September 2017


Review: Select Bur Endo Taper Cone Round Tip

'Excellent for endodontic access through all porcelin and PFM crowns'.

Dr. Aneel Belani/September 2017




Review: Select Sil Snap Set HD Light Body Regular Set + Select Sil Snap Set HD Heavy Body Regular Set

" Great detail in impressions that rival the brand name, high cost impression materials. Impressed with quality. Thank you!"

Name/Practice withheld at Dr's request

5 Star Rating *****



Review: Select Sil Snap Set HD Light Body + Select Rigid BR Snap Set HD

"Product is very good quality, consistency & outcome. All impressions came out perfect! Colour is great, no isssue with bad taste. Overall very great product. One of many we use!

5 Star Rating *****

Name/Practice withheld at Dr's request


Review: Select Nano Fill Premium


"Great consistency, nicely packable, very little 'pull back'. I'm very happy with the product so far".

Dr. Laurie Suraski

5 Star Rating *****


Review: Select Nano Fill/Flow Premium


Zendo composite is now my preferred restorative material. Because it is highly filled and has less shrinkage I don't get as many white lines along the margins. And the colour density helps prevent those dark, translucent incisal edges when doing anteriors. 

The dial apex locator is very accurate and does not jump around. 

The price point of Zendo products is simply good for patients care. I've seen many dentists use a burned-out apex locator long past it's useful life because of the huge expense of replacement, or reuse small files to save a few dollars, only to have them separate in the canal


Dr. Timothy Hodgson June/2017

Review: SELECT LC Flow Premium Composite 

"Flows easily in to crevices of cavity preparation. VERY EASY to handle and radiopaque. 5 stars.

Dr. Ian Braverman DDS Feb/2017

Review: Select FG Diamond Burs

"Zendo FG Diamond Burs are better than the ones I have been paying 5 times more for. I use a combination of 3 of Zendo's diamonds for crown and abutment preps. I am cutting more quickly and efficiently which makes life easier."

Dr. Roy Tanaka DDS 11/30/2016

Review: Zendo Endodontic Files

"I have been using the Zendo K-FIles and rotary system for the past year. The products are indistinguishable in strength and reliability compared to those of other top manufacturers and often at 1/3 the cost. I was introcuced to these files by several members in the Dept of Endodontics at our local dental schools. These files are fantastic."

Dr. Kyle Hornby 08/15/2016

Review: Zendo Endodontic Files

"Without question, Zendo rotary files have been as life changing to my practice of endodontics, as the introduction of the surgical microscope. Be prepared to enter the Zone of endodontic efficiency - where the dentist is given the gift of time! Hygiene checks suddenly integrate much better into your day! Enjoy the Zen."

Dr. Garth Thoms

Review: Zendo Endodontic Files

"I recently attended a hands on session using the Zone System and was immediately impressed with the simplified instrument protocol. I also appreciate the ability to purchase a top quality file for substantially less money than companies who offer a volume discount - This way I can purchase only what I need and still get the best file at the best price."

Dr. Aldo D. Boccia

Review: Zendo Endodontic Files

"I have used the Zone system on cases ranging from the simple to the complex, and the results always exceed my expectations. Fewer instruments, superior results"

Dr. Joshua Moshonov.

Review: Zendo Endodontic Files

"Zendo has really considered the needs of the practitioner for many reasons. The superior quality of the Zone, combined with the hands-on course, allowed me to begin using the instruments and technique the next day in my practice. Thanks Zendo!"

Dr. Ian Braverman

Review: Zendo Endodontic Files

"The evolution of endodontics has at long last addressed the fallacy of legacy shaping; "the look". The Zone file and its computer modelled design parameters, enables a clinician to utilize existing rotary motors to prevent fracture by eliminating excessive structural removal that can result in weakening of the root. The "goal" is positive treatment outcomes. In the case of the Zone file, simplicity is the ultimate treatment sophistication."

Dr. Kenneth S Serota

Review: Zendo Endodontic Files

"It's terrific. Loving the system. Thanks, I've been telling my friends to try the Zone. It's amazing."

Dr. Mark Ceroni