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Zendo EndoPilot Comfort Plus

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"I have used the Zone system on cases ranging from the simple to the complex, and the results always exceed..."

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Key Features

Unrivaled Quality and Customization 

Completely portable unit and preprogrammed settings for virtually every file system. Built in apex locator, warm vertical obturation and handpiece. A true all in one system.


The EndoPilot integrates electronic root length determination, mechanical canal preparation and obturation into one modular unit.

Each of its components operate independently or in combination with one another. All components are located in one place, in one small box and powered by one foot control switch.

All of the EndoPilot components are controlled from an intuitive touch screen display. Menu navigation is fast, simple and keeps all of the customizable controls only a finger touch away.

Each unit contains:

  1. EndoPilot touchscreen
  2. White base with handpiece holder
  3. AC/DC converter 90-240V / 12V/1A
  4.  Footswitch


  1. Motor with ISO-E standard and LED indicator ILD (Integrated Length Determination)
  2. EDP 1:1 insulated Contra Angle
  3. Apex Cord with lip clip


  1. Downpack handpiece with LED indicator
  2. Heating Tip (size: Fine)
  3. Backfill Gun
  4. Gutta percha bar (100pcs/box)
  5. Heat Insulator (10pcs/box)
  6. X3 23GA and X3 25 Ga Needles (6pcs/box)
  7. Accessory Tool
  8. Cleaning Set

The EndoPilot, made in Germany, combines up to 5 endodontic treatment functions in a very small footprint and only one foot control. An electronic EndoMotor for mechanical preparation, digital apex measurement, ultrasonic hand piece, and two obturation instruments (DownPack + BackFill) – all in one device, with each component “plug & play”, added as required.

With a large, clearly legible touch screen display, the user-friendly menu provides intuitive utilization for every function in comprehensive clear text.



With integrated length determination (ILD) The torque- and speed-controlled electronic EndoMotor provides for efficient preparation of the root canal spaces.

The lightweight motor offers a maximum in feel control. In addition, the coloured LED-lights inform the operator of the rotation direction, the torque limit, as well as file position relative to the apex. An additional twist function avoids intra-canal jamming of the file by alternate left-right rotations. A freely programmable reciprocal drive can be selected for each file with saveable profiles for each file.

In combination with the patented EndoPilot contra-angle, there is full control over the file location. The contra-angle, specifically developed for endodontics, forwards the signal of the ApexLocator directly to the file and offers a continuous monitoring of the file position. The preparation depth can be adjusted directly on the touch display by simply sliding the marker (a horizontal line in the Apex-indicator box).

A touch of the screen is all that is required for the EndoPilot to automatically select the next file within the file sequence. Another patented safety feature is the torque reduction upon approaching the apex. This function limits the cutting performance of the file in the apical area and provides for the constant removal of dentinal filings from the canal (as opposed to changing the direction of rotation used by many devices which transports the filings back towards the apex).


Digital ApexLocator

Precise electronic length determination of the root canal space is obtained using a pulse measuring technique. Thanks to the most modern, ultra-fast microprocessor technology, exact determination with 10 Bit-resolution is possible. The EndoPilot enables continual length determination during canal preparation in real time.

The ApexLocator can also be used separately with a manual file clip for initial length determination. The measured value is conveniently saved using the foot switch, automatically transferring it as the working length during the canal preparation. In combination with the EndoPilot contra-angle, you have full control over the current file position during the preparation. The contra-angle sends the signal of the ApexLocator directly to the file and offers a continuous monitoring of the file position. The preparation depth can be adjusted directly on the display by simply sliding the reference marker (a horizontal line in the Apex-indication).

An additional safety function is the monitoring of separate source (external) voltage, warning against interfering currents, which could possibly lead to inaccurate measurements.


Warming within seconds

A primary objective of endodontic treatment is to obtain complete filling of the prepared and disinfected root canal system. The Downpack-module assists in obtaining a compact, three-dimensional filling of the apical third. With the warm vertical condensation technique, homogenous root canal fillings can be produced very efficiently. 
The ergonomic, lightweight D-Pack hand piece guarantees optimal handling. The slim design allows for unobstructed view of the treatment field. The powerful element enables warming of the heating tip within seconds. The desired heating temperature can be easily selected via the touch screen display. An integrated LED display in the base of the hand piece keep the operator informed about the heating
Replacement of the heating tip is easy, quick and safe, with the easy grip screw lock. A variety of heat tips, to fit all canal sizes, are available:

  • Heating tip XF 040/.04 green
  •  Heating tip F 050/.04 grey
  • Heating tip FM 050/.05 yellow
  •  Heating tip M 050/.07 red 
  • Heating tip ML 050/.09 blue


Optimal control of the flow velocity

The thermo-plastic filling of the medium and coronal third is executed with the help of the Backfill Gun. The gun handle provides for optimal control of the filling process. The lever of the gun handle is easy to operate and the flow velocity can be optimally adjusted. Different temperatures can be pre-selected via the touch screen display, the high-performance heating element allows for short heating times. Standard Gutta-Percha pellets are used as filling material. The needle fill tips are easily threaded on to the gun and can be shaped for improved access into the canal. Three different fill tip sizes are available.

Size Colour Order No.

  • Needle Ø 25ga yellow
  • Needle Ø 23ga white
  •  Needle Ø 20ga red


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