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Zendo Zenith

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Dr. Joshua Moshonov:

"I have used the Zone system on cases ranging from the simple to the complex, and the results always exceed..."

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Key Features

A forgiving, flexible 3 instrument system 

  • No Screwing in effect
  • Greater flexibility
  • Easier negotiation of canal curvatures

Click the screen to watch the Zenith Treatment Protocol.


Each of the 3 instruments is uniquely designed (ZSC = Shaping/Cleaning; ZSU = Shaping Universal) 

Click here to view the Operating Sequence.


21 mm length for use in the coronal 2/3 of the canal

 - 6% taper for 12.5 mm from the tip for effective canal shaping
 - 0% taper for 5.5 mm for effective debris removal
 - Apical tip size #25

Asymmetrical cross-section
 - Increase of the available volume for upward debris elimination.
 - Less stress on the instrument due to “snake-like” movement
 - No “screwing-in” effect
 - Less risk of instrument breakage
 - Better ability to negotiate curves


21, 25 & 29 mm lengths available

 - 4% taper for 16 mm
 - 0% taper for an additional 5 mm with 25 & 29 mm instruments

Symmetrical cross-section

 - Stronger file
 - Balanced force creates better centring of the instrument within the canal
       - No “zipping”
 - Ensures patency of canal from coronal to apical constriction


21, 25 & 29 mm lengths available

 - 6% taper for 16 mm
 - 0% taper for an additional 5 mm with 25 & 29 mm instruments

Asymmetrical cross-section

 - Completes the shaping and cleaning
       - Recapitulates action of ZSC1 & ZSC2 





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