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Select® NanoFill Premium LC - Capsules

20 x 0.3g capsules | $115.00 Retail Value     $79.95 Zendo Price

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Key Features

Nano Optimized Hybrid Composite 

For Posterior AND Anterior Restorations 

Select NanoFill LC is a 'true' light cure nano-filled composite for anterior and posterior restorations.

Zendo's Select NanoFill Composite incorporates the absolute latest developments in nano-technology.

This means that Zendo's composites shrink less and handle better than leading brands.

Used the world over, our composites are among the most highly filled materials in the industry, provide exceptional esthetics and are very easy to polish.


SelectFill Was evaluated by 28 consultants in 839 uses by Dental AdvisorTM and received an 88% user rating.


The science behind composites, a brief explanation

Composite materials are comprised of resin + fillers. 

Fillers can be a combination of materials such as silica, glass and ceramic among other possibilities.  

Historically composite materials have evolved from composites with 'micro fillers' to 'hybrid composites' to todays technology which is 'nano fillers'. 

The main reason for the move to nano fillers is not only polishability, strength and shrinkage, but also the minimization of abrasion on opposing dentition.


Exhibit A - Zendo NanoFill syringe $39.95 retail @ 100 microns. A composite using nano technology (such as NanoFill), ensures the fillers are ground into nano particles making it much smoother, stronger, with little shrinkage and lasting, luminous polishability.


Exhibit B - Market leading composite syringe $116.00 retail @ 100 Microns. The larger the 'filler' particles the more abrasive the finish and hence, the 'rougher' the surface, and this creates wear on opposing dentition. It will also be weaker with more shrinkage and ultimately it is a less polishable surface is as there isn't a dense concentration of fillers. Exhibit C -  Market leading composite syringe $84.00 retail @ 100 Microns. Fillers still recognizable resulting in less long term polishability. but even more noteworthy are the large voids which will contribute to debris build up, surface roughness, weakness and shrinkage.


Exhibit D - Market Leading Composite syringe $78.00 retail @ 100 Microns. Notice the large voids which will contribute to debris build up, surface roughness, weakness and shrinkage.
Exhibit E - Market Leading Composite syringe $85.00 retail @ 100 Microns. Noteworthy are the large voids and higher concentration of resin (less fillers) which will contribute to debris build up, surface roughness, weakness and shrinkage.


Zendo NanoFill Premium LC quality comparable to/handles like:

3M Filtek Supreme XT™ Ivoclar Tetric Evo Ceram™  Kerr Premise™


Product Features/Benefits

  • BPA and BPA derivative Free!
  • Light cured TRUE nano-hybrid
  • Amazing chameleon properties
  • Suitable for all classes of restorations
  • Stays where placed - non sticky, wax like consistency
  • Excellent polishability
  • Highly filled, 82% by weight. Up to 50% less resin than other hybrid composites
  • Low shrinkage at 1.8%
  • Available in caps and syringes


Available Shades

A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, B1, B2, C2, OA2, BL

*Free sample of this product available in limited shades. Limit 1 per office. Register for a Zendo Account today*


Technical Data

  • Low Shrinkage - 1.8%
  • Flexural Strength - 155 MPa
  • Elasticity Modulus - 10.1 GPa
  • Compressive Strength - 350 MPa
  • Radiopacity - 280 mmAL


Product Performance




Product performance data is a combination of the manufacturer's internal testing and third party evaluation labs. The information shows test results of random lots of matrials tested under the same conditions. Every effort was taken to ensure accuracy, however Zendo does not guarantee the data presented is error free and cannot be held responsibe for any injuries resulting from the use of this data.









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