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Select® NanoFlow™ LC Capsules with Controlled Flow™

20x0.25g Capsules | $169.95 Retail Value     $69.95 Zendo Price

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Key Features

Product Description 


 Select Flow has an optimal flowable consistency with         thixotropic behaviour and Controlled Flow Technology™, so no uncontrollable flow,            making  it easy to handle and place and among the      most trusted composite materials in the industry. Nano      fillers  contribute to low polymerisation shrinkage, a     perfect marginal seal and therefore less risk of tooth fracture  and secondary caries and reduced risk of post-operative sensitivity. High abrasion resistance and optimal  hardness ensure long lasting durable restorations. Excellent shade matching with a large choice of shades and  translucencies, benchmark high gloss polishablity and 200% digital radiopacity.

Select Flow is  a versatile composite for Class III, IV and V restorations, and suitable for use as a cavity liner and a pit and fissure sealant.  Select Flow is available in syringes and convenient capsules.



Product Features/Benefits

  • BPA and BPA derivative Free!
  • Shrinks less than most other flowables
  • High filler load/high hardness
  • Ideal viscosity
  • Radiopaque
  • Ideal material for anterior restorations class III, IV, V and small calss I and II
  • Can be used as a liner for cavities and sealings
  • Very high flexural strength
  • High compressive strength
  • Excellent high gloss polishability
  • Great esthetic restorations/low surface roughness
  • Optimal flourescence 
  • Natural brilliance and vitality
  • Radiopacity 200% Ai


Available Shades

A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, OA2, BL

 *Free sample of this product available in limited shades. Limit 1 per office. Register for a Zendo Account today*


Technical Data

  • Low Shrinkage - 3.2%
  • Flexural Strength - 122 MPa
  • Elasticity Modulus - 5.8 GPa
  • Compressive Strength - 330 MPa

Product Performance





Product performance data is a combination of the manufacturer's internal testing and third party evaluation labs. The information shows test results of random lots of matrials tested under the same conditions. Every effort was taken to ensure accuracy, however Zendo does not guarantee the data presented is error free and cannot be held responsibe for any injuries resulting from the use of this data.



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