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Select® Rigid BR Snap Set HD

2x50ML cartridges | $69.95 Retail Value     $39.95 Zendo Price

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Key Features

Select Rigid BR Snap Set HD 


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Select Rigid BR is a super hydrophilic snap set bite registration material that provides optimal working time with a short intra oral setting time. Select Rigid BR is extremely tough - our snap set technology allows for removal of the set material with no tearing and superior dimensional stability to ensure accurate, high definition impressions. Select Rigid BR bite registration material consistently stays in place until you apply pressure. The combination of the materials super hydrophyllic properties and controlled flow is truly unique, not brittle and very easy to cut.


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Product Features/Benefits

  • Hard, fast setting bite registration material
  • Snap Set - shorter intra oral setting time with longer working time
  • Ideal for occlusion and other matricies for all impression taking procedures requiring a rigid, fast setting
  • 45 second snap set with no distortion and greater accuracy
  • Exceptional elasticity and minimal distortion


  • 2x50ml light blue cartridges with 6 green mixing cannulas


Product Performance Comparisons



Product performance data is a combination of the manufacturer's internal testing and third party evaluation labs. The information shows test results of random lots of matrials tested under the same conditions. Every effort was taken to ensure accuracy, however Zendo does not guarantee the data presented is error free and cannot be held responsibe for any injuries resulting from the use of this data.





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