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Composite Warmer - Standard Tray

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Dr. Joshua Moshonov:

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Key Features

The Perfect Accessory for Universal Composites 


The Composite Warmer for Select Nano Fill is designed specifically to heat composite material.


The benefits of warming composites is that it makes the more heavily filled composites easier to express. Warmed composite cures faster, deeper and in less time. This has the added benefit of less shrinkage or micro-leakage. 


The standard tray warms 4 composite complules.


  • Thermal assisted light polymerization


  • Heats composite material to 98 F (37 C), 130F (54 C) or 155F (68 C)
  • Maintains constant temperature
  • Increases degree of cure
  • Warms finishing instruments


  • Shortens curing time by over 80%
  • Improves composite flow by 68%
  • Reduces microleakage
  • Improves physical properties
  • Sculpting and getting into the marginal ridges made easier


  • Warms 2 finishing instruments, making it easier to sculpt the composite
  • Holds 3 spare compules
  • Less microleakage
  • Stronger restorations


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