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Tapered Cone Safe End Tip 152-016

10 Pack | $89.95 Retail Value     $69.95 Zendo Price


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Dr. Joshua Moshonov:

"I have used the Zone system on cases ranging from the simple to the complex, and the results always exceed..."

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Key Features

Available as:

16mm Head Diameter (152-016)


Superior Quality Burs at a Fraction of the Cost



Zendo Select pre sterilized carbide Burs have been independently awarded with a 96%, five star overall rating for quality, value and efficiency. 


* Can't find the bur you were looking for? Please call 1-844-go-zendo or email 

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Hardened Stainless Steel Shank 

Zendo SELECT's bur shanks are Swiss-made and are made from heat-treated stainless steel, maintaining the strictest tolerances on shank diameter and making them vibration free.


Sterilized in Single Sleeves

Zendo’s SELECT Carbide Burs are packed in a Class 10 Clean Room then Gamma Radiated. The gamma symbol on each package ensures 5 years sterilization validity.


Each SELECT Carbide Bur is separately packaged in its own sleeve, clearly marked with the catalogue number which identifies the burs unique characteristics, size and grit.


 *Can't find the bur you were looking for? Please call 1-844-go-zendo or email today.

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