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Zendo ApexDAL

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Dr. Joshua Moshonov:

"I have used the Zone system on cases ranging from the simple to the complex, and the results always exceed..."

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Key Features

Compact, Affordable, Accurate - The Zendo ApexDal


  • Progress of the file through the apical 2.0 mm of the root canal is indicated by 8 LEDs marking each progressive 0.50 mm of the canal clearly on the user-friendly display.
  • Accurate location of the apical constriction in changing canal conditions, including dry, wet and bleeding canals, through a unique automatic adjustment of measuring current. Accuracy to within 0.1 mm in the apical region.
  • The Zendo ApexDAL automatically calibrates, no manually calibration required.
  • Easily placed near patient’s mouth, within your line of vision, allowing you to comfortably follow the progress of the file in real time.
  • Can be used with hand, rotary or reciprocating files
  • Audible alarm - When the file reaches the 0.5 mm mark, an audible alarm sounds, changing pitch and frequency as the file approaches the apical constriction. This allows you to keep your eyes on the patient and the procedure – there is no need to keep looking at the device.
  • Short cables prevent external EMI distortions that are typical of long cables.
  • This compact instrument weighs only 50 grams.
  • Fully autoclavable accessories including a double set of cables, lip hooks, apron clasps, as well as a sensor probe and specially designed mini file holders.
  • One Easily replaceable AA battery with a long working life
  • Guarantee: a full 36 month manufacturer’s warranty.

DSP Technology & Benefits

Zendo ApexDAL’s proprietary algorithm continuously translates the data received via micro-electrical signals, refreshing the display constantly so that each minute movement of the file is read on-line. The specially designed warning system prevents the registration of inaccurate information that might impact on treatment increasing the DAL's reliability.

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