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Endo Canal Instrumentation

Made in France. Systems that offer you the highest quality at a fraction of the cost.
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Zone 3.0 Curve

6 Pack | $89.95 Retail Value    $ 34.95 Zendo Price

The Zone 3.0 Curve is a forgiving and efficient single use heat treated single shaping file with proprietary C Wire pre bending technology. The Zone 3.0 It has 2.4x more cyclic fatigue resistance and 100% more flexibility than the Zone 2.0. The Zone 3.0 Curve file is softer and further reduces the instance of file separation.

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6 pack | $80.00 Retail Value    $ 34.95 Zendo Price

An extremely high quality, cost effective alternative for Pro Taper™ Universal or EdgeTaper™ Users.

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The Zone 2.0™

5 pack | $95.00 Retail Value    $ 29.95 Zendo Price

A single nickel titanium (NiTi) rotary instrument to simplify your endodontic procedures with complete safety and effectiveness.

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Zendo Zenith

Pack of 5 instruments | $59.99 Retail Value    $ 29.95 Zendo Price

A simplified 3-instrument system to optimize cleaning and shaping the root canal with no screwing-in effect, greater flexibility and easier negotiation of canal curvatures.

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Zendo Apical Shaping Files

5 pack | $59.99 Retail Value    $ 29.95 Zendo Price

For a more accurate finishing of the apical 1/3 of the canal.

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5 pack | $50.00 Retail Value    $ 29.95 Zendo Price

Z-Flare nickel titanium (NiTi) rotary instrument removes coronal constraints, improves access to canal entrances and facilitates the insertion of preparation instruments.

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Zendo Pathfinder Solo

5 Pack | $50.00 Retail Value    $ 34.95 Zendo Price

ONE single glide path file to achieve estimated working length. 3% taper combined with a #14 apical tip size used in full rotation.

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Zendo Pathfinder™

5 pack | $50.00 Retail Value    $ 29.95 Zendo Price

Rapid and safe glide path preparation with a uniquely designed rotary nickel titanium (NiTi) file.

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Zendo Z-Encore Retreatment Kit

4 pack | $80.00 Retail Value    $ 29.95 Zendo Price

Re-preparation of the root canal system is ideally achieved using the Z-Encore sequence combining the efficiency of Nickel Titanium rotary files with the safety of instruments designed specifically for the efficient and complete removal of gutta percha and pastes.

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Precizen™ K Files

5 pack | $9.00 Retail Value    $ 5.99 Zendo Price

Establishing working length with a Precizen stainless steel K file is the first indispensable step to successful endodontic treatment.

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