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Zendo MTA is an endodontic repair cement delivered in easy to use capsules. The MTA powder consists of very fine hydrophilic particles of several mineral oxides. After contact with MTA liquid it forms a gel that hardens to an impermeable barrier.

Zendo MTA is delivered in convenient capsules. The capsules are easily activated and the content of the capsule is easily extruded using the Zendo Capsule Dispenser.

Capsule mixing (mixing time 30 seconds) is achieved by a high frequency mixer (e.g. amalgamator) with about 4,300 oscillations/minute.

Download the MTA MSDS sheet

Accessories required:

Zendo MTA Capsule Dispenser
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Zendo MTA Universal

2 x 0.3g capsules | $80.00 Retail Value    $ 44.95 Zendo Price

Suitable for all clinical situations.

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Zendo MTA Capsule Gun Dispenser

$115.00 Retail Value    $ 60.99 Zendo Price

Key Features: Autoclavable, Stainless steel, Easy to use design, Compatible with most unidose composite capsule tips

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