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Temporary Crown & Bridge

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Select® SupraTemp 10:1

50ML cartridge | $299.95 Retail Value    $ 99.95 Zendo Price

Automix temporary crown and bridge material

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Select TCB® Traceless Temporary Cement

$69.95 Retail Value    $ 49.95 Zendo Price

Select TCBcem bisacryl temporary crown and bridge material that leaves no trace of cement on tooth when temporary is removed

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Select Supratemp 10:1 Disp. Gun

Single | $149.95 Retail Value    $ 79.95 Zendo Price

Extruder gun for Select Supratemp 10:1

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Mixing Tips for Temporary C+B Material

$100.90 Retail Value    $ 32.95 Zendo Price

Mixing cannulas for temporary C+B materials. 50 Pack. Made in Switzerland.

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